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Racer Updates

January, 2023 - Racer Update #1

Welcome to the 2023 mountain bike and gravel race season! And, wow, are there a LOT of
races to choose from! The Arcadia Grit & Gravel (AGG) Mountain Bike Race is a proud participant in the
Michigan Gravel Race Series (MGRS) and we invite you to add the 11th annual AGG to your event
calendar. New this year for us is that the Short Grit race (about 14 miles) has been added to the roster of
“Mini-course” events in the series, while the Big Grit remains as one of the original “Long course”
events from when the series first opened.

Endoman Promotions is charged up to bring you the 2023 version of both races! And another
first-time component for the AGG is that all racers who are 14 years of age (on race day) and under race free!
This only applies to the Short Grit race where all registrants ages 11 through 14 will get in at no
charge. Our goal here is to get more youth involved in the great cycling community and to introduce them
to a healthy, life-long activity that has no downside!

And finally, another tweak this year is the registration and pricing process. The new process
will favor those who register early; rather than the price increasing at a specific date as we've done in
the past, this year the price will increase based on the number of racers having registered. So, get in there
early and save a bit of money! If the cap of 333 (total for both distances, not including the comped
entries) is reached before race day, there will be no day-of registration,
so plan ahead to avoid missing
out on this unique event, and the chance to post a top score for the MGRS! Happy riding!

Leave the Inside Out,
The Endoman Crew

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