Racer Updates

January 1, 2022

This is from last year (2021) and much of the info in here will be changing soon but some of it will still be relevant:


Hello, Racers and welcome to the 2021 Arcadia Grit & Gravel!


Race day is fast approaching (Aug 28) and if you haven't registered, now is the time! The race will be capped at 350 and there are a few spots left so grab one while you can!


A Note on the Pandemic Predicament: As most of you are undoubtedly aware, the new Delta variant of this despicable virus is gaining a foothold, even here in northern Michigan. As such, Endoman Promotions and our partners are strongly recommending that you show up on race day vaccinated. We are encouraging those not yet vaccinated to defer their registrations to the 2022 event next May. The last thing we want to do is to pose a health threat to our participants and be host to an event that serves to spread the virus. This request will be dependent on the Honor System. Please mask up and try to social distance anytime other than the starting shoot. Thank you!


Here are a few changes from previous years you'll want to be aware of: first off, ALL activities will be outside, on the east side of the Community Center, including registration and packet pickup. You may go inside to use the facilities but we are STRONGLY recommending that you wear a mask when entering the building. There will also be port-johns outside on the south side of the building. Please use social distancing when in the building.


As far as parking, our friends from the Arcadia Lion's Club will once again be directing traffic for parking so make sure you give them a big THANK YOU as you're being directed. Also, there will be only one way out of the parking area so as not to interfere with incoming racers. There will be ample signage to direct you.


Calling all Teams! Please refer to the link on the website that describes the process for forming a team for the Team Competition. The one thing to remember is that all teams must be comprised of at least one female racer - females love a good competition as much as the guys do! Okay, so one other thing to remember is that when you register yourself and choose the team setting, you'll need to specify the team name and each member should use exactly the same name, just like an email address.


As usual, we are very grateful for our volunteer staff and all the help we get from the community of Arcadia - please thank a volunteer when you have the chance!


That's about it for now but look for other nuggets of info as they come along.


Tad - Race Director