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Racer Updates

OCTOBER 17, 2023

News from the Start Line


What a great time of year for a mountain bike race in northern Michigan! While Endoman Promotion races and other events are emerging from the post-pandemic funk that’s been draped over us for the past couple of years, races are coming back to life and it feels good to get the cycling community out and hanging together again in full force. And as we barrel down on the seventeenth running of the P2P, there's plenty to be excited about. It's such a great time of year to be riding in the woods – the temps are down, the fall color is on full display and there's a handful of fantastic races in our region of the North that call out for our participation.


As for the BIG event coming October 21, it's going to feature many of the same amenities you've all come to expect: Founders returns as the title sponsor, our competent and fun-loving local bike shops will be on hand, Crystal Mountain will be providing a foodie- lovers spread and the competition will be as strong as ever – and all in the spirit of a good time. We’re also proud to announce the addition of Presenting Sponsor, Michigan Dirt Riders and with them, Alma Ford - welcome aboard!


As we run up to race day, here are some items of interest to consider:


Online Registration

If the cap of 750 isn’t reached, online reg will close on Thursday Oct 19 at noon. Or, if the cap is reached, reg will close - whichever comes first. And if the cap is reached, there will be no day-of registration! So don’t delay - get in while you can!


Changing Classes

The deadline for changing classes, (e.g., from Expert to Sport) is Tuesday, Oct 17 at midnight. After that, you’re stuck with the class you’re in.


Beginner Boys and Girls 11 and Under

If you’ve signed up your child for this category, please remember that s/he must be accompanied on the course by an adult. There is no charge for the adult rider. It’s not that your child doesn’t have the skills; it’s purely a safety issue. Racers in this category racing without an adult companion will automatically be disqualified.

Venmo, Cash, or Check

If you’re registering to race on Friday or Saturday you can use your Venmo account to pay Endoman Promotions or use cash or check. That goes for purchasing merchandise, too.



Not allowed



The DNR has put up posts about bears being in the area, as there have been a few sightings, including my own a couple of years ago.  It was on the Betsie River Pathway coming out of the river basin and just before you come back out on Longstreet Rd to head back to the Mountain.  It's highly unlikely you'll see anything, because of all the riders around, but you never know – keep your eyes peeled!


Founders Returns!

We’re happy to welcome back, for the ninth year, our title sponsor, Founders Brewing Co, out of Grand Rapids! Members of the Founders crew will be on hand to pass out swag and talk all day about their All-Day IPA, Dirty Bastard, and other equally tasty brews after a hard go around the course.  Welcome back, Founders!


Friday Night Dining

Make the Wild Tomato Restaurant and Bar in the Lodge at Crystal your Friday night headquarters to get fortified for the race!  This cozy restaurant in the Lodge will be dedicated to all racers and their families as they serve the best pasta meal around – lots of great food and a very reasonable price!  Reservations aren’t necessary but helpful.  Call 800-968-7686.


Race-day Festivities

The crews of both Endoman Promotions and Crystal Mountain are on pace to help make this another great experience for racers and families this year.  The Clipper chair lift will be running ($15 charge), and there will be an array of excellent food, including a huge barbecue, complete with side dishes.  And, of course, the Founders folks will be on hand to make sure the beer keeps flowing!  The P2P strives to be a very family-friendly experience so bring everyone along and make it a weekend!


Registration Info and Day-Of Registration Info

Online registration closes at noon on Thursday, October 18 so now is the time to register if you want to save a few dollars.  After that, you’ll have to register in person on Friday between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., or on Saturday morning starting at 8:00 a.m.  But it will cost an extra ten bucks, as well, so don’t wait - register online now!


Please note: Payments for registration or merch can be processed through Venmo (Endoman Promotions), cash, or check. There is an ATM machine at the Inn at the Mountain (where you check in for rooms) which is close by, in case you need it.


Packet Pick Up

On Friday, pre-registered racers can pick up their race packets, t-shirts, water bottles and other merchandise from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Pavilion, aka the Big White Tent.  Packet pickup and Day-of registration on Saturday starts at 8:00 a.m.  Since the Pros/Elites/Experts don’t go off until 12:50 p.m., those racers can pick up their packets or register anytime up to noon on race day.


Wave Start Times (Subject to minor variations)

Check the Wave Start Times tab on the website to see where you go off. Also, your Wave number and the time of that wave will be on the back of your number plates.  It's your responsibility to know what Wave you're in so check the back of your plate!


Awards, Purse, and Prize Drawings

The awards ceremonies will be held at the base of the mountain right outside the lodge.  The Beginner category awards will be held at 11:45.  The sports classes will have their ceremony at around 1:15 pm.  The Pros/Experts will have their ceremony somewhere around 3 or 3:30 p.m.


The Weather

It's unlikely we'll see the perfect weather we had last year – right now, they’re calling for 52 degrees with a slight chance of precipitation. It sounds like perfect racing weather but the theme of the day will be LAYERING! Come prepared and you'll be able to race in any type of weather!


Places to Watch

One of the best places to watch the action, and your favorite racer, is at the top of the Clipper Chair Lift. Other places to view racers are the base of the mountain at the Start/Finish line, and out at the Bestie River Pathway trailhead on Longstreet Rd, which is off of King Road, right across from the Mountain Valley Motel on M115.  To get there, go about 5 miles west on M115 from Crystal Mt (toward Benzonia), take a left on King Rd, go down about a half mile, hang another left on Longstreet Rd, and go down about a mile to the trailhead on the left.  You can’t miss it.  Riders will be passing through this area twice in pretty quick succession and will be sharing the road with you – please watch out for them if you go out there.


That’s pretty much it for now.  Get ready to rock at a great race, in a great venue.

Peak2Peak + Crystal Mountain Resort + Founders Brewing Co  + Michigan Dirt Riders  = a day to remember!

See you on the start line,

Tad Peacock - Race Director

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