How does your enrichment class work?

Compared to a enrichment centre that provides enrichment classes at their venue, we will bring the enrichment classes to you! Our professional trainer will bring along all the necessary materials and conduct the classes at your homes.

How many children can join the class?

To make it a private and conducive session, our classes are recommend for 1 or 2 children. However, we can also take up to 6 children per session at additional costs.

What activities will be included in the enrichment classes?

To provide a holistic education for the children, we incorporated STEAM into our classes. The children will be exposed to a variety of different activities per class from the likes of Science experiements to art and craft workshops, and many more.

How long is each session?

Each session will be approximately 1.5 hours long with 3 to 5 activities included. If you are looking at having a sneak peek of how our enrichment classes work, you can book a 45 minutes trial with us!

When are your classes available?

Let us know your preferred date and timings and we will arrange accordingly! With the flexibility of private classes, we can arrange the classes to fit your schedule. Our most popular timings would be in the morning on the weekends.

Facts, Questions and Rules