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Coming off the Lost Year of 2020 has proven to be a bit challenging. Almost feels like starting all over again... but if that what it takes, we're all in! There are a couple of interesting changes and info that we'd like to share leading up to this 15th running of the Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic; check them out:

>First is that Crystal has decommissioned the split off trail that the Beginner Class historically used. That means that yes, all you 'beginners' will get a taste of what the rest of the field will go through by climbing the same hill on the same trails and going down the same way, too! But don't be too anxious about it - there may be some walking involved but the experience will fulfilling at the least. As for the downhill portion, that may be a bit sketchy for more inexperienced racers but just make liberal use of your brakes and you'll be fine - there's no part of the trail that we'd consider 'dangerous' or steep.

>Speaking of the downhill section leading back to the finish line, Crystal has been busy carving out a multitude of trails along their slopes and we're going to use a new section that is totally different than what's been used in the past. It's fun and flow-y and will get past that nasty sandy section that runs along under the Clipper chair lift.

>And speaking of the Clipper, bad news is that it's down for maintenance and won't be running on race day. So how to get to the top to watch your favorite racer? Well, the Buck chair will be up and running - it's the one to the left of the complex as you stand facing the hill from the lodge. When you get to the top you'll have to trek a bit to get to where the racers drop down but it's worth the walk and the racers will appreciate your support!

>In other news from the top, we're working on Crystal to have Founders beer up there again but there seems to be staffing issues and there may not be refreshments available - stay tuned!

>In a nod to Covid safety, all activities will take place outside. Crystal has erected a large, permanent tent outside the lodge and this is where you'll find the registration and packet pickup on both Friday (4:00-6:30) and Saturday (8am-noon). As always, food will be available from the same space and awards will be outside like usual.

>With regard to Covid19, we encourage you to race vaccinated!

That's it for now - we'll post another update in a week or so. And the whole Endoman family, along with Crystal Mountain and Founders Brewing, is looking forward to bringing you the best race experience possible - see you at Crystal Mt. on October 23rd!