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9th Annual

Arcadia Grit & Gravel
Mountain Bike Race

Frequently Asked Questions and Rules


What is the Arcadia Grit & Gravel?

The Grit & Gravel is unlike any other race you’ve experienced in Michigan! It combines gravel roads, two-tracks, a little pavement and some of the best IMBA-built single-track in the state. The Big Grit is roughly 28 miles long and the average finishing time will be over 2 hours; the Short Grit will average over an hour.

How will the race be timed? 

Chronotrack Timing will be provided by Newton Timing and Race Services. Handlebar number plates with timing chips will be used for the best timing available. Do not remove the timing chip off of the number plate! Do not put the number plate anywhere but on the handle bar or your time will not be recorded! Twist ties will be provided to attach the plates, but you may use zip ties, too. The race is “gun timed”, which means that each rider in each wave will get the start time of that wave, regardless of your position in the wave when the gun goes off.  With that in mind, please position yourself appropriately in your wave.

What if I’m part of a Team?

Most teammates will want to start off in the same wave, though it’s not required that you do. You can have as many riders on you team as you want, but only the top three times will be added together to get the team time. Lowest combined time is the winner. And there has to be at least one guy and one gal included in the top 3 that are counted. So let’s say you have a team with 5 guys and one female and 3 of the 5 guys finish with the best times, then the female, then the other 2 guys. We will take the first 2 guys’ times and then the female’s time for the 3 to be counted. Make sense? If not, just ask us at the registration... and remember, the Gravel Travel Trophy is at stake!

How do I register my team?

Just go to the registration site (Race Services) and follow the prompts. You can designate a person to get all the teammates on the team, or each team member can do it while registering. But be aware that you must be registered before you can attach yourself, or be assigned by someone else, to a team.

What is my age for the race? 

Your race age is your age on race day.

Can I cross the center line of a paved road?

NO! Rules of the road apply for the Arcadia Grit & Gravel – this is an open course, meaning you’ll be sharing the road with CARS and in any fight with a bike, they win. If you’re caught crossing the centerline, your number will be recorded and you’ll face automatic disqualification. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN (with fun being a very, very close second)!

Can I throw my empty gu packs, bar wrappers or other junk on the course?

NO! This race, along with the Peak2Peak, is a lot about good stewardship and promoting a responsible cycling community. Throwing your junk anywhere on the course, other than at the aid station, will result in automatic disqualification.

When does online registration end?

The Thursday before the race, at noon. After that you’ll have to wait to register on race day, which will cost $10 more than online registration. No registration will be accepted on the Thursday or Friday before race day, though there will be race day Registration.

When is packet pickup? 

Packet pickup and late registration is race day, Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. at the Pleasant Valley Community Center on Glovers Lake Road, a quarter mile east of M22 in Arcadia. Please note: there will be NO Friday packet pick up.

Can I confirm my entry?

You may confirm your entry by going to www.raceservices.com

Can I switch race categories after I have registered?

Yes, anytime including race day and there is no charge unless you are moving to the Tandem category or from Short Grit to the Big Grit.

Will there be aid stations?

Yes! There will be one station only, at the top of the gravel road climb, about half way into the race (for the Big Grit). Even so, be sure to bring enough energy and hydration to sustain you for 2 or more hours!

What if we have a storm?

The race runs in snow, rain or shine but in the event that we have a major weather event such as tornado warnings or severe thunderstorms, the race would be shortened, delayed or canceled with no refunds.

Is camping available?

The Betsie River Campground in Elberta, about 10 miles north of Arcadia, may be open and there may be camping somewhere near Manistee, about 15 miles south, or in and around Ludington, about 40 miles away.

Where are some good places to watch the racers go by?

There will be numerous places to watch the riders because of the open format of the race. But one of the very best places to see everyone up close and personal is where the Arcadia Dunes Trail crosses Matzinger Rd., about a quarter mile east of St Pierre. Another good place is anywhere along the long climb up Taylor Rd. Park anywhere along the two-mile climb and cheer your racer(s) on. Check the map online for other places to watch – it’s easy to go from place to place on this course, though we’d like to keep traffic down to a minimum for the safety of the racers.

Other Interesting Bits of Info:

Is the Arcadian a fundraiser for the Pleasant Valley Community Center?

YES! Volunteers for the community center will be selling the beer from Stormcloud Brewing Company and also offering a barbeque lunch for a reasonable price. A portion of the racer fees, plus all the proceeds from the sale of food and beer will help support this great center, which gives the folks of Arcadia a place to hold meetings, give the kids a place to play, etc.

Will the Arcadian Grit & Gravel benefit the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy?

Absolutely! By exposing this incredible tract of land to a wider audience, it is hoped that folks will see the value in preserving the parcels that include the C.S. Mott Arcadia Dunes trails, those crazy good single-track trails you’ll be riding on race day. Plus, Endoman Promotions makes a donation to the Conservancy each year.  Please consider making a donation to the Regional Land Conservancy.