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Ok, it's ON! We got the official word from the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy that they will be issuing event permits for the use of their trails and that's a HUGE relief to us. Time to get back at it and try to get some racing under our collective belts! We do, however, request that racers and their supporters come vaccinated against the COVID virus, as a courtesy to everyone involved. After all, we as a cycling community have each other's backs, right?We won't be checking - it's simply the honor system. Thank you in advance for complying. 

A couple of new twists this year (how can there not be after 2020?): there won't be a BBQ fundraiser for the Pleasant Valley Community Center, from which we launch and land for the race. Instead, there will be a couple of outstanding local food trucks and part of their proceeds will go to the Center, instead. So it's still kind of a fundraiser - just in a different form. Another twist is that it may be a bit more difficult to secure lodging at that point in the summer (Aug 28), so it's wise to start your search now!

Thank you for all your patience in these extraordinary times. The Grit & Gravel will be as much a celebration to getting back to 'normal' as it will be about getting back to the camaraderie, rush, satisfaction and all the other great things we use to describe what we do when we gather to race. Looking forward to seeing you all August 28!